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www.leadingedgetrading.com trading review

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When the Head Trader refuses to give his name has to be a red flag. Is there any other possibility than he has something to hide? What kind of a past does he have? Just a question that seems fitting. HT does not show charts and he does not use audio commentary- just the dialogue box only.
He is overly narcissistic. "I know the market" "This is a Professional trading room" (apparently insinuating that other rooms are the equivalent to Romper Room) "This is the deep end of the pool" "Please do not try to read the Market for yourself (you have been trying to do that for years)" And of course there is the continual reminder that we are all lowly "Retail traders chasing the market" while he and his are "the true professional traders." These remarks and others like them are continually being peppered on the room all throughout the trading day.
As for his dialogue it is, a direct quote from today, "Market may shake this 24.50 break off and may still bounce so... lets say n[orth] of 33.25= prob[able] b/o for resumption of the higher bounce scenario we were on earlier... just the way it is" Translation: The market could go higher or the market could go lower. Others include: "1215 possible, maybe more" "outside chance of a spike" "cannot rule out one more pb just yet" "may not be... but should..." This is the convictional level of a professional trader to which all we lowly retail traders should ascribe to have [sarcasm is mine]. Then, when it moves, in any direction, that convictional level changes from possibility to certainty- Where he originally said, "it could do this" or "it might do that" becomes "I told you it was going to do this." Note the subtle change in the conviction level of his posts." While nobody knows what the market is going to do- to pat yourself on the back after expressing such flippant and ambiguous possibilities is questionable. I am not suggesting he should know. I am merely suggesting one should not change context and change certainty for the sole purpose of patting oneself on the back.
These are just some observations from his trading room- and please flipper26 don't ask about the holiday schedule again! lol Note: HT went off on flipper26 for several minutes when he asked if the room was closed on Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving. The response was very over the top unnecessary.

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