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it would sure be nice to hear how you use ofa software, here how you are doing it with it, etc.
i have looked at ofa's utube videos but have not done the free tour of ofa's room.

Well, The training videos mainly woke me up to the use of stop runs and how to use them to your advantage. I always thought I had a good overall system. But my big problem about half the time was getting shook out. Once I knew the meaning behind some false breakouts, I would incorporate them into range breakouts in LOW energy ranges. I dont have the software yet, so I would look at his vol cluster charts in the trade room "for example" when we would breakdown from a range and wait for the retracement, the guys in the room knew to the tick where they wanted to enter which was just in front of the cluster (if the cluster qualified) because if the cluster was violated with big prints, then you would be out. (false break) showing that the buyers were aggressive to go across that line. It didnt work all the time, but the important thing I learned was that now I had a Logical defined line in the sand so now I could trade larger because my risk was smaller. The main thing was to look for clusters of clusters on one side of the range and then as it moves away, you know to look for more of a slingshot at about 6-8 ticks from those areas.
Right now I am switching over from zen-fire to IQfeed and I'm trying to use IB's T&S (that i'm not used to) and am down $500 two days in a row. I have to get set up soon with something before I do anymore daytrading.
hope that helps a little

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