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Oh H*ll Yes!

Great advice below from the last poster!! Kudos, longboat!

"My advice save your money and pick a method here on (formerly BMT). There are many great ones offered through the kindness of the traders. Take the money you would have used for the course and make it your seed money for potential losses."
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My gut (and alot of forum posts and internet searches) says methinks McDowell is a no go for at least 95% of short-term intraday traders. Those are slim odds on the positive side.
I usually read the last 3 pages of a great method that someone here on (formerly BMT) generously takes time to provide and give continued feedback on; then (if 'I dig the vibe' and/or the method 'speaks to me and/or my psychology/trading style') I go BACK and read from page 1.

Also, I view any archived webinar (if available); then I suggest to get involved and join the discussion guys!

We can find stuff everyone can use if we all are committed. Doesn't take a 50K account either; many 'tight' methods can be traded with ultra-low risk and great MM and trade management AFTER entry.

I would just like to write to any intermediate or beginning or near-breakeven or breakeven or slighty-profitable traders; put down the measly $50.00 USD and become an elite member.

I like futures/commodities; however, I just sent this email to my trading parnter (in response to another group of market researchers who follow forex).

My preference is hyper-short term trading (when scaling deeply liquid instruments; it is all good)--his preference is short-to mid-term swingtrading (he is not of my 'video game' generation).
"Good forex swing methods are found (as you know) in

a) forums (forex factory, other forex forums--confirmed by REAL forex traders with an OPEN dialogue); usually the method costs less than $150 USD and/or are completely free.
b) big mike (you kind of create your own stuff with good indicators--a recipe you make your own)
c) 'some' web/email sources

Good commodity/futures 'basket' sources we have (they require a much larger capital base and you have to diversify and non-correlate)."



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