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bill mcdowell

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I would be careful too. It is a lot of money to spend. Both mentors trade multiple contracts and you can easily blow up an account quick that way. I bought Simon's course and I can say he is a great trader. He does show his dome. Does it mean you will make money? Doubtful. I didn't. Just because a mentor is a great trader doesn't mean he is a great teacher. All great players are not great coaches. I don't know if he is not clear or I can't understand his English, or the videos are not how he uses his method ,but I never felt comfortable enough using his method to even take a live trade! He has 6-7 charts open and Gomi ladders for each instrument. He hardly ever takes a trade off his indicators. Many times in the room he would take trades and I had no idea why he did. No reason according to his method. My advice save your money and pick a method here on (formerly BMT). There are many great ones offered through the kindness of the traders. Take the money you would have used for the course and make it your seed money for potential losses.

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