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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I see some people trading live, and trust me, you can "hear" the difference. Either they are trading real money or their boss said that they are going to get fired if they lose money! But whatever works best for you, works for you. I disagree with you on the part of the moderator. The moderator, IMHO, has the role of passing on experience and teaching the students PATIENCE. So I believe that the moderator DOES in fact play a large part of the process, like a mentor. You can have a great system, but if people don't follow the plan or let emotions take control, they will lose money.

This next question may help some curious people: In terms of the course, what more does it teach than divergences? I have never seen anything such as an outline or course syllabus floating around on your site. I think the indicators are useful, but a little too much $$$ in terms of what I trade with. If you ever offer a discount on the indicators, let me know.

I think AC brings up a common misconception among traders in search of a "winning set of indicators". First, you must understand that, by itself, there is no such thing. Indicators are a set of tools that, placed in the right hands with extensive training and mentorship, can produce the results they seek.

If someone sells you a set of exquisite golf clubs, does that alone qualify you to be a golf pro ready to hit the circuit and make the big bucks? Why in the world do traders think that obtaining the right indicators, by any means, will do the trick? I got past that fantasy a long time ago. I think I gave it to the Tooth Fairy.

If you are struggling in your trading and you are expecting indicators to fix the problem, you will continue to struggle until you change your mindset.

So, please understand, AC, that if all I did was sell indicators, the first problem would be that they would be vastly overpriced and they would NOT accomplish what traders wanted them to do. It is extremely important to remember that no matter who's indicators you are considering.

To understand what I do, let's continue with our golf analogy for a bit. Imagine that you are a Pro Golfer and you have a gift for teaching others how to become Pro Golfers. Would you simply sell them a good set of overpriced clubs, pat them on the back and wish them luck? You wouldn't be a golf instructor, you'd be a crook.

A good instructor would first seek to train only those persons who had a strong passion to master golf. The instructor would then go to work teaching their students everything they ever learned about what it takes to win at the game...from the swing, follow through, balance, energy management...the whole enchalada. It would take hard work and many hours working together for an untiold length of time...possibly years.

Could the instructor guarantee that every student they taught would make a fat income as a Golf Pro? If he did, he'd be the biggest con artist in town.

So, imagine you are this instructor and, instead of golf, you teach trading. You dedicate your life to it. You give up your days, evenings, weekends and holidays helping your students in untimed, unlimited mentorship sessions for the rest of your life. You train them every single trading day and you make sure that every student has been given every ounce of knowledge and training they will need to make it. You spend over a half a million dollars and 2.5 years developing the finest tools (indicators and system) that you possibly can to help them.

Now you tell me, what price would you charge? Would something less than the cost of a 4 year old used Chevrolet be too much? When people came to you and complained about your pricing because they've seen dozens of snake oil people who take their $199 and run, what would you tell them? The price for what you do has nothing to do with what others are charging. It has everything to do with what it accomplishes.

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