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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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hi again roger;

your last response compels me to ask you further--specifically concerning what you wrote about your ownership of biz for the last 30 yrs.... about yourself and the biz you owned or used to own, but which your personal description appears to be so far detached from the present reality of running biz and/or international biz.

1--roger, i am somewhat bewildered just how does a wealthy bizman have no biz problem?

It's probably uncommon but it does happen. Felton Trading is a good example. Everyone knows their job and they do it well. We have no quotas to fill. Our single goal is to make sure that every student is given the best possible training, support, software and mentorship necessary to succeed.

how does a bizman have a team of ceo but have no problem?

Every aspect of this business is handled by someone more capable than myself...and I'm quite capable. I am left to do what I love...trade and teach. When you hire professionals who take pride in what they do and perform far above expectations, you shouldn't have many problems.

what exactly is the nature of the biz in this world that does not come with problem of one kind or another, particularly human resources problem?

If you are struggling with Human Resource issues, you should look closely at your hiring practices. Perhaps they need a complete overhaul.

do we realize that even if we only have two employee, there are inherent two problems already?

I don't think you should enter into any business and look at your employees as problems. If they are, perhaps your hiring skills need honing.

perhaps, you ought to confine your claim to fame and fortune to only CURRENT trading which i can personally say that with your current trading setups and from what i could gather from being in your trading room thrice.... that during the three sessions, you could call the trade....

Excuse me? Are we still talking about my business experience? Those who know me know I make no claims to fame or fortune. That is arrogance and that is a character flaw. I'm just a successful trader in that I reach my personal trading goals consistently. I'm also an effective teacher and mentor. People can be good at what they do and not be arrogant about it.

but then unfortunately, as long as any trader wishing to acclaim to be a trading master or trading teacher, but is not willing and not ready to put real own money on the table.... he/she will only remain a wannabe, regardless of how enticing and believable the person's verbiage contains....especially, when you are only trading two contracts at a time in your teaching room, there is no special reason at all in most traders' mind as to why you are not trading for real money.... and this was exactly one of the questions that came to my own mind while in your trading room.

Interesting point of view and was addressed in a recent post for AC. Trading my live account might be entertaining but entertaining is not the purpose of the Trading Room. It's to demonstrate every aspect of trading. How to identify great trade opportunities...how to manage them...how to recognize weak trades and market conditions. Who in their right mind would trade their live account to demonstrate what happens in bad market characteristics? Or to keep trading once the goal has been reached and market conditions have deteriorated. That would be crazy. But, in sim, I can and students learn from watching the trades and how I manage them...even the losers.

If I could magically transfer my mastery of emotions simply by trading live, I certainly would. There would be a definite benefit. Unfortunately, watching someone make money accomplishes nothing. Overcoming the psychological barriers takes time and lots of practice to build a rock solid level of confidence. Without that, you'll soon be breaking your rules. If you wish to simply be entertained, there are a number of gurus I hear that trade their live accounts...but it does nothing for the success rate of the group.

coming back to the specific questions arisen out of your responses:

2--..... I've owned and run businesses every day for the past 30 years....

which biz that you own or used to own that does not contain personnel and biz problems, pls?

Felton Trading

unfortunately for me, every biz i ever owned comes with ton of problems. and on top of those, everyday the problems present themselves in different shapes and forms. even in biz like floor coverings, if you ever engaged in one, it also came with multitude of problems as well, don't you agree?

It appears that you have really struggled in several areas in your business endeveors. Instead of getting angry at me, I would suggest that you consider taking some business courses online or at a local community college, if possible. Pay particular attention to any course on effective hiring as that appears to be one of your weakest areas.

3--....I have zero employee issues. They're the best. I never have to deal with accountants, payroll, FICA, etc. as I have people that do that for me. The business runs itself....

roger, what are you trying to tell us here, pls?

That was a direct response to a specific question. The answer was clear, I thought.

you sounded very much like a philosopher and a walter mitty genius.... definitely not like a bizman.... your deliberation on owning a biz or bizs and there is no biz problem.... sounds much more like a dream for monday night quarterbacks, really. but then again, i could be equally incorrect as well. however, pls do help us to understand a little more, if you wish.

4--....which roger would you like your trading comrades on bmt to believe in;

4.1 .... roger the successful bizman who run a bunch of biz with the best team to take care of all biz problems....? and that the biz runs itself....? and/or

4.2 .... roger the successful trading guru who practically trades every day from 9 to 11 in his own trading classroom with many paid students, trading 2 contracts at a time.... and preferring sim to 5k real money.... to demonstrate and to provide certain respects of concrete proof to his own students that roger is able to take the beast by the horns practically every session?

I would highly discourage anyone choosing Felton Trading because of my past business experience. That has nothing to do with what they want me to do for them.

Again, my personal success is somewhat irrelevant. I developed the method and have been trading it every day through it's evolution for 14 years. Of course I'm going to be good at it.

But I humbly request that you ask yourself a very important question: Is it more important for you to witness my success or the success of my students? I ask this because it appears you have been more focused on what mode I was trading in than what was actually happening in the group. Outside of my personal trading...and I do consider it personal...everything else I do (as well as every team member) is solely devoted to student success. My score means nothing if they aren't getting it.

roger, personally, i do believe with those setups that i saw while in your trading room, that you are able to prove to your own followers in your own trading room that you can surely fulfill the axiom--SHOW ME THE MONEY....

Showing anyone the money without showing them how it was made would be pointless. One thing I've learned in this business is "Live Account Believers" can never be convinced that the exercise is meaningless. It's their last bastion of hope. They bought into seeing historical results and failed. They bought into seeing where supposed trades occurred on a given day...and that failed. Now, somehow they have convinced themselves that, if they could just watch a few live trades then their ship will have arrived. They will buy into that and fail once again. Then what will they demand?

Live account trading proves good psychological control...that's it...and it's non-transferrable. How much money do think you need to see before you are absolutely certain that your Human Emotions have been completely conquered simply by watching someone else make money? Honestly, if you believe that live account trading is your shortcut ticket to trading paradise, then Felton Trading is not for you. We're trainers, not entertainers. If you want to succeed, study the system and understand it. Learn from the pro pushing the buttons and ask questions. And watch how the followers are doing. And then ask yourself honestly if what you see and understand is something you could actually do.

i humbly apologize to everyone for my long winded questions for roger, if he so wishes to, to elaborate a little further and to show us the money for trading sake. and i am asking those questions with all due respect and high esteem for what he and his have kindly offered to members of bm here. thx much, roger, with much appreciation.

profitable trading everyone and do have a wonderful weekend with your significant others too.
5--i am reluctant to bring on my last question, however, with much contemplation..... and for the fact that i really have no ill intent or malice against any one who claims proprietorial to any trading contraption or setup or theory or whatever; perhaps, i'll just show each piece of the acclaims here for the general benefits of bm trading community to perhaps contemplate--what is or who is or who is not the real mccoy.... K

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