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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I doubt that this thread was meant to criticize Roger because he sells very expensive ninjatrade indicators. About his business, he is just being a positive businessman. I also have a business (unrealted business) and until now, all of the problems are small and not even worth mentioning.

So no point in criticizing him. Divergences work if used properly. If you don't believe me, go the OTHER WAY on the trade.

I'm not a student of Roger's, nor have I ever been.

Oh yeah, something else: I know he demo trades in front of other people, and I know WHY he does that, because there are many distractions. But demo trading and live trading are completely different animals. In demo, the emotions are just not the same, even if you have 50 people watching. Put your money on the line AND have 50 people watching is the REAL test for any successful trade. My 2 cents.

You're absolutely right AC, sim trading and live trading are different from the emotional standpoint...to the trader sitting at home. But, when you're a moderator, it's different, too. The 50 people or so are not just watching you, they're judging you, and that's where the difference lies. When I take a trade and it loses, I couldn't care less. It's one of thousands I've taken and one of thousands I'll take in the future. The outcome of any single trade means zilch as long as I've managed it correctly. Statistically, it's insignificant in the big picture.

But when I trade (live or sim) and people...my friends... are depending on my judgment and are sometimes taking trades with me, that adds an element of emotional pressure that far exceeds that of simply trading a live account. If you're selling snake oil, you will consistently lose and so will they. They will dispise you and they'll tell the world about you in every forum and chat room they can find. So there's pressure for sure to perform and it makes no difference whether it's live or sim.

Now, whether you trade live account or sim, if you are a professional trader, the outcome of each trade will be the same (within reason) if the system is totally mechanical. In simulation, I can still take trades even when the market condition falls below what I demand in my personal live trading. Demonstrating what happens on weak trades to the group...plus what happens when mistakes are made...provide valuable lessons that trading a live account would not.

Some moderators do trade live accounts when moderating...or say they are (it can easily be faked). It is fun to watch anyone making real money profits. But it adds nothing to the success rate of their followers. Confidence can't be taught...nor can emotional control. Those things must be developed through time and practice. If you ever find a moderator trading their live account and the attendees are making money hand over fist, be sure to let me know.

I've tried it both ways and the way I run the Trading Room is by far the most effective for my group. Judging a trading system on the basis of sim vs. live is the wrong mindset in that it only proves that the moderator has mastered their human fears. That mastery does not auto-transfer to you!! Judge any trading system of interest to you by how the system performs...not the moderator. Never buy any system you don't understand. If you can't understand what he's doing and he won't tell you, you'd do well to pass.

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