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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Roger, did u set out to donate, to the endeavor. Or was it like my trading started out a business and became a hobby?

Hope u are making money on this thing, since the country needs the money..
Why would anyone go from being a "successful trader" with all the benefits and no responsibilities ,,, to having employees, dealing with the public, ordinary income, record keeping/reconciliation/accountants, paying quarterly income taxes, fica etc ????

That's a question that comes up often. I've owned and run businesses every day for the past 30 years so that's nothing new. If I had to deal with problems, I probably would just prefer to trade. I have zero employee issues. They're the best. I never have to deal with accountants, payroll, FICA, etc. as I have people that do that for me. The business runs itself. But, what are the benefits?

The first benefit I found in teaching is I could do it and not have it affect my trading time. Speaking of trading, did you realize that, when you teach something you naturally get better at it? It's true....and what's that worth to a trader?

I always found pure trading to be a lonely profession. Actually to the point of being boring sometimes. But now I have good friends in almost every civilized country on the planet and we keep in constant contact. I enjoy that immensely. I also learn from them things that would have taken me decades to learn on my own. I share that knowledge with others.... a little of it here in futures.io (formerly BMT).

Teaching caused me to seek out extremely talented trader/programmers to create software tools that would vastly speed up the learning curve for my group. I had not anticipated how much easier it made my personal trading decisions, too. I might never have pursued that if it weren't for my responsibility to provide them with the best tools possible.

Besides helping traders, making a lot of friends and providing a living for my crew, I hadn't expected any joy beyond that. It's been a very pleasnt surprise and I'll be doing it as long as I can talk and move a mouse.

There are people...like Big Mike, for instance...who just enjoy helping people succeed. There are people who have no desire to help anyone if it involves any effort on their part. It's often difficult for one group to understand the thinking of the other.

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