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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Roger, I have to say thanks. Due to you, I'm back to being profitable trading 1 round lot. I had been "on the fence" about your service for a few days. I kept thinking that your stuff is better and that even though I already love to trade divergences, maybe I could learn a whole lot from you. So I wasn't doing a whole lot of personal trading. Then I opened the email I received after the webinar and I saw the pricing. I almost passed out. When I told my wife, she said "Unless someone has a lot of money, they will have no money left to trade with after buying the course, software, and indicators!"

So after I picked myself up off the floor from passing out-- I put it in my head that I have to make MY OWN little charts in mt4 work. And they have been working. I had zero losers yesterday. I didn't make as much money as you guys normally make in demo mode, but then again, I'm trading with Euro 100,000 and not 2 futures contracts which I believe is equivalent to Euro 240,000. I'm also using real money.

Roger, I think that YOU have the potential to give something "back" to society, especially in the way of helping traders. I also think that you should reevaluate your fee structure, because as someone else pointed out to me on here, there are some real scheisters that charge in the vicinity of what you charge. I'm 99,99% sure that you are NOT a scheister so I'm telling you this as a way to try to *distance* or differentiate yourself from the those other people. I also have a business and I understand development costs and employees, but I find it a remarkable coincidence that his/your monthly charges are about the same. "That" guy is a scheister to be avoided like the plague. I don't put his name in here because I don't want Big Mike to get threatened with legal action.

And I learned a long time ago, the adage "you get what you pay for" doesn't always apply, especially in the field of trading where there's too many dishonest people and too few honest people. I know of services that charge an arm and a leg one-time or monthly, but their service isn't worth an exploding 1977 Pinto. On the other hand, I also know a guy who runs a stock picking service who charges a very modest monthly fee. Without a doubt, someone who subscribes to his service will make this fee many times over every month. He trades his own account, is honest, everything is very transparent, he explains all the setups, and as a result, it's very difficult to hear anyone say anything bad about him on review websites. IMHO, this trader is definitely giving back.

Please accept my opinion as an opinion, and only that. I'm only offering suggestions. I'm not attacking anyone.
Best of Luck!

AC, I not only accept your opinion, I also welcome and respect it. You do bring up some interesting points. I think a lot of traders have recognized that this industry is infested with vultures that advertise dreams and sell misery. But let's take your honest stock picker guy as an example of the other side of the coin.

He currently does his research and crunches the data and then dishes out his winning picks to his subscribers for a modest monthly fee. Let's assume that fee is $100 per month...$1200 per year. In 3 years you would have paid out about the same amount that many honest and effective educators charge, except you still wouldn't know anything about how to pick winning stocks.

Now suppose this guy decides that he doesn't want to throw his fish out the window anymore but wants to teach his followers how to fish for themselves. Knowing that his steady income stream will cease to exist, what price does he charge knowing that it's all he'll ever receive in return for his time and knowledge? Keep in mind that he probably has a staff to feed and ongoing operation costs such as a web administrator, advertising plus the expense of maintaining a Trading Room to teach in a live market.

Like any other business, the guy would have to determine a reasonable price point for his service. He'll have to factor in that he will now have to give up many of his evenings and weekends if he is to properly support his "students". If he offers any software to help his followers learn better or pick better stocks, now he has another humongous ongoing expense unless he happens to be a coder. I've invested over $600,000 so far and rising daily, as an example.

He will need to get the word out about what he offers and be prepared to be called every vile name in the book even though his students are quite happy with him. If he does tradeshows, good luck. My last one cost over $40,000.

Finally, even if he prices his service at near break even, he'll still have traders getting sticker shock. I think I'm qualified to speak on that since I've been teaching for many years and still haven't reached the break even point yet.

Thanks for the input AC...and I'm delighted that you're finding my indicators and assistance to be of value.


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