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NFT Under Investigation!!! (

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i had a little chat with horst this afternoon...
it was good, unfortunatly he hadnt have lots of time as he was busy but still we had the chance to clear some stuff out... at least one NFT member is reading my posts and has the interest to talk about it. so horst was approaching me very charmingful this afternoon to get some things straight....

he explained to me that he doesnt know henry that good personal - in fact he told me that he has never seen henry in real live nor does he know where he lives, sleeps, hides or whatsoever... he has never seen his house and he never was at his farm like some other NFT members. nor has he seen any majestic horses or anything else that has anything to do with henry.

i thought they were like tight mates but this - surprisingly - is not the case... horst also told me that he is sitting in the same boat as he gave money also to henry for his fund or project. in reality he doesnt know much as he has no contact to henry... he said that he has spoken to judy (which is a good friend of henry) but there is not much info on that except the ones i already shared here on the forum. he is pretty aware of people being upset and pissed off but so is he. he admited that he saw some dark clouds coming to NFT but no details. he doesnt know anything about the money and what happend to it in detail. i think no one knows. but still he sounded kinda "positiv" towards henry but i dont know... i think he is pretty annoyed but this whole drama as he accidently got involved... i can see that but he is like the major act and the one - in my opinion - who is more around forums etc. than any other of NFT. he added that he thinks that henry is going to return somehow (he doesnt know how) and is trying to work something out so that people will get their money back. but this is not a official statement. this is just speculation and is not reliable. for me the whole thing is done and all i can do now is sit and wait.
in the meanwhile...
good nite and good luck to all of you!

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