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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Trader "talent"

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"to know what he knows" is a tall order and but doesn't address the situation of talent.. Though this is often construed as negative, complaining etc and not positive thinking, the truth in the world I have seen is that everyone doesn't have talent for everything despite taking numerous instruction, observation, positive thinking..
Like, I can't understand how my spouse can screw up a PC so bad,, is she stupid, dumb?,, no just doesn't understand and has no PC talent (but they didn't ask her that before they sold her a PC!)..... Think u can write a sentence about ur own xxxxxxxxxxxx, can't u?

Other then the Dennis "turtles", I know of no other person who attempted to "qualify talent" before even bothering to train them.. Anyone been turned away from a trading room before they got ur money?

Its lots of fun thinking u can sink that 10' putt or hit that 250 yds drive consistantly but for 95% never happens (put in ur own wannado xxxxx)... Guess there just is not enough instruction and tips out there,, dumb us!

I'm waiting for the book..:"Winning UGLY at trading", since all that pretty stuff never worked for me.
I always think a market is too high, and short,, or think its too low and buy ... works "almost" everytime!

I doubt that many people are very talented at things they have no interest in. My wife couldn't care less about defragging the hard drive or running a virus check. She darn sure wouldn't make it as a PC nerd.

People can become proficient at things they are interested in...such as golf. But talent must come from passion. There's a big difference between interest and passion.

As a golfer, I just never could care much about knocking a little white ball into trees and lakes. But, if I had an interest, I'd probably get out there with some friends and practice. But would I ever make it to the big money tournaments? Nope. I could never get passionate about the sport.

Trading is basically the same except there's no physical coordination to develop. It's all mental. Trading profit is the hardest easy money you'll ever make. Not everyone is cut out to be a trader. Instead of physical strength or coordination, trading requires patience, focus, confidence and discipline (just to name a few) at extraordinary levels. Those aren't talents, they're human characteristics that take extreme effort to develop to the level needed to be a good trader. Most wannabe's just don't have the drive. They have just enough interest to get into trouble.

These characteristics can be developed but not if a person only has a passing interest in doing so. It takes passionate dedication. If a trader isn't passionate about trading, talent will never exist. An amazing level of talent can be achieved, but it never comes easy.

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