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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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No accounting for talent

"But understand, anytime you witness consistently good trading results, don't believe for a second that it's the trading system that's doing it. It's always the trader behind the system. To do what he does you have to know what he knows.

" to know what he knows" is a tall order and but doesn't address the situation of talent.. Though this is often construed as negative, complaining etc and not positive thinking, the truth in the world I have seen is that everyone doesn't have talent for everything despite taking numerous instruction, observation, positive thinking..
Like, I can't understand how my spouse can screw up a PC so bad,, is she stupid, dumb?,, no just doesn't understand and has no PC talent (but they didn't ask her that before they sold her a PC!)..... Think u can write a sentence about ur own xxxxxxxxxxxx, can't u?

Other then the Dennis "turtles", I know of no other person who attempted to "qualify talent" before even bothering to train them.. Anyone been turned away from a trading room before they got ur money?

Its lots of fun thinking u can sink that 10' putt or hit that 250 yds drive consistantly but for 95% never happens (put in ur own wannado xxxxx)... Guess there just is not enough instruction and tips out there,, dumb us!

I'm waiting for the book..:"Winning UGLY at trading", since all that pretty stuff never worked for me.
I always think a market is too high, and short,, or think its too low and buy ... works "almost" everytime!

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