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Anyone know of this service-

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10% a month, starting with a 5K account, is $1.5M after 5 years. Not out of the realm of possibility, but the math looks quite easy compared to actually doing it.

As for doing that each day, do the math for just 2% compounding per day and you'll see it's out of the realm of possibility (using real funds, over a longer period of time, say months on end) for even the most gifted trader. Ever met (or heard of) someone who's turned 5K into $700K 12 months later? That's 2% per trading day.

10% per trading day would turn $5K into $2,400,000 in three months. Still think some average that every day?

I'm just giving the math--the facts only, not hopes, not dreams (both of which can be important for sure). Just in case some person who thinks trading is easy money comes along and reads the statements you made and thinks he'll give it a try without assessing risk first (which is what it would take, a disregarding of risk, to make anything near 10% on average per day, which is why it is impossible).

It is 2 tics per day, not 2%. If we're looking at 10% per month, with a $5k account, we need $500. That's 40 tics on the EC. With 20 trading days in a month you need just 2 tics per day. Now if that raises the bar too high, think about it. We can only lower the bar one more tic before we are digging a hole. My point is that 2 tics per day is a very low goal. If that isn't possible, why trade? I am stunned and amazed that people don't think you can make 2 tics per day. It quacks me up.

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