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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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somewhere, brazil
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hi Roger

Hi Roger, thanks again for taking the time to reply. Please don't misinterpret what I was saying. I was not calling you a snakeoil salesman. There are some forums out there that basically label every vendor a snake oil salesman.

1- In the 50 something pages of google, I found a forum where it appears as though a student was speaking well of you. After about 5 pages of people saying "anyone who charges is no good" basically, the moderator said it looked like a solicitaiton and closed the thread. I don't agree with that too much.. but anyhow.

2- In another forum, they said that you may achieve those results, but that may be you with 12 years of experience. A student probably won't be able to get those same sort of returns.

3- Someone also said that they studied with you at your former employer. When a trade didn't work out, they would say "ahh.. but it was something else..." There was always a special nuance of why the trade worked against them or only for the moderator and not for the students.

So really, my main concern is #2 and #3. Do you have any idea what the type of return, or performance of your students have? If not, why don't some of the students come here to give their experiences. If they are in fact doing well, staying quiet does nothing to help the person that helped them.

Just so you know, in my case, to get your returns I take about double the risk. That's why I'm asking you lots of questions about your course.

Best Regards

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