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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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....Addressing acbrasil's comment, I humbly request that you come into my room and openly ask the members how they are doing. It's an open forum where everyone sees everyone else and what they are saying. They'll be glad to answer your inquiry honestly and completely. As I'm writing this, here's an email I just received from one of my students, Noel. Some of you futures.io (formerly BMT) Elites may know Noel or be a friend of his from the room. Here's what his email said:

The secret is in you, my friend. The answer is knowledge, training and mentorship and how hard you are willing to work.

.... where you have to trade standing up, you probably need help.


....where you have to trade standing up, you probably need help....

hi roger

just so you know, i am one of those traders who very much like to trade STANDING UP....

not only that i would stand up and trade about 30% of the time, i would also do the oriental ti-chi to keep psychologically and physiologically alert, fit and ready at the same time....

just waiting for the greatest moment.... when all four green stars in any one of my trading monitors would lighten up vertically for the bingo run.... LOL

for the last two sessions watching you trade last week, you showed that you could trade profitably and your setups also appear to be interestingly looking and appealing, especially for newbies.... however as we know well, constant chatting regardless of what the contents entail.... are annoying and distracting to live traders.... just my one trader opinion, K?

will see you in action again.... on and off.... when i could look away from my screens....

also, you offer much more than most vendors that i came across.... thx on behalf of the many silent learners in your room as well....

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