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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Espolrare: Me too-- few trades as possible AND dollar profit target per day work best for me. Before I realized that I had been doing that in demo, I was overtrading way too much.

So everybody, realizing that getting the FT indicators on MT4 was about like winning the lottery, I downloaded Ninjatrader and installed the indicators. But they don't look like Roger's screen in the webinars? Do the indicators really paint the trade names on the screen? I didn't see trade name abbreviations on the screen.

I'm here because I'm a fan of divergence.I'm not so good at recognizing the extended and hidden divergences, and a program that spots those could really come in handy. Does anybody know if that indicator is free or part of the proprietary package?

Felton Trading has a special friendship with all futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite members and we freely share many of the techniques and indicators that we use. Even better, we allow Elite members unlimited free access to our Live Trading Room so they can ask all the questions they wish and get straight answers with live market examples.

We do this because we have nothing to hide and a heck of a lot of things to share. I think a relative handfull of futures.io (formerly BMT)'ers have taken advantage of this generous offer and, as far as I know, nobody was disappointed judging by the kudos.

Our coders have invested 8 to 16 hour days for over two years in the development of our DivPro software and we're just not able to give that away. DivPro is what puts the signal labels with warnings on the chart for you. But it does so much more than just put up signal entries. It's performs a long list of functions including signal anticipation and identification, signal filtering, visual and audio alerts, and a very sophisticated backtesting capability that produces very realistic results. If I listed all that DivPro does, it would take up the next 3 pages. I think that, just by observing the software, you guys might get some ideas to improve your own trading system...ya neverr know.

We invite all futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite members to stop in and check us out. No one at Felton Trading will contact you for anything except to answer your questions.

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