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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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acbrasil, your quoted reference is really a sham, imho

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First, providers that show statements:
1) Larry Levin (futures)
2) Virtue of Selfish Investing (ETFs and stocks)

I don't pay for their services, but I have seen photocopies of their trading statements online. You can probably do a google search and find trading statements on their websites. I don't trust photocopies too much though, but at least it's a step in what I see as the right direction.

Nak..., you really need to get familiar with MT4.
MT4 has a publisher that FTPs all account data to the statistics-server. There is also an "investor" password that can interface your MT4 client with the stats server. You can basically choose what people can and can't see, like deposit and withdrawal amounts, and account numbers. You don't have to show them that stuff. But history and PIPs, you can show, no problem.

Maybe it's my lack of inexperience, but I really don't know why Roger does this. I know that people like to say "We love to teach.. " yeah yeah. I am also a teacher (in a different area) and I got so sick of teaching lazy people who didn't really care so I ended up PAYING someone else to teach them for me. If I were him, I'd trade a large number of contracts per day and just go live on the beach somewhere.

In another forum, people were trying to give the same argument about TI. But if you do the calculation on just 2 or 3 new people per day x $5000, their calculation showed $750,000 per year just to talk to people for a couple of hours 5 days a week for a few months. I gotta say, then I think it's easier to be a teacher! I don't know how much Roger charges, but if he REALLY likes being a teacher, the amount would be a fraction of this.

hi acbrasil

i did go to the site.

the attached is self-explanatory.

it is not really a reliable nor dependable or verifiable disclosure at all.

IT IS MORE LIKE A SHAM concocted by some bunch of greedy traders, imho. sorry.

again it is not you ok, it is the doing of those wannabe rather.

and may i restate my point, there are ample winning traders on board here but they are not quacking....

and i sure hope after this, you would be able to find some other more reliable sources of reading, K? happy and profitable trading, my trading friend.

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