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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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careful there, whom you associate with, ok?

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Roger, I got your email the other day where you said that you made $2,000 demo-dollars trading the CL. I wish that you would make the indicators for Metatrader, since most brokers don't offer NinjaTrader for free. (I tried to install Ninja for a free trial, but it gave me numerous problems. Plus, it's bloated.)

Moreover, I'd love to see some stats on Metatrader to Ninjatrader usage statistics. I bet there's tons more people using Metatrader than Ninja.

I'm asking because when I traded demo for 3 months and did fabulously well. It was like a demo-dollar printing machine for me-- literally thousands per day!! The screens are the exactly the same with the live account-- I had them side by side to compare. Then I switched to real money and I'm already negative. The problem was overtrading. Now I'm a little apprehensive. Got any advice anybody?

generally speaking, those who are in the money, won't have time nor desire to talk with others about their dollars amount profitability. and those who have time to quack quack about how much they made a day, are also generally in the hope mode.

most trading on sim provided by many brokers are at the mercy of the house who provides free services to entice potential future traders by fine tuning their programs to accommodate your trades and orders.... perhaps you are one of those who benefits many ways from their free services?

when you are confident enough to think going on live, do yourself a big favor by contacting signal providers such as esign, ninja et al who also provide free trial period.... and have their live charts next to your current charts....

and sim from live chart from these providers.... to ascertain if there is any real difference in any significant factors.... ok?

what i heard too many times over the past years was the sim traders were very successful in their sim mode and each were very confident in their own trading methods and styles....

and the advisors on line were very helpful and right on target on their advices when on sim....

and most, if not all, eventually burnt up their acct within 3 short months, if they are lucky to last that long....

if you like, post your charts whatever they are here at bg.... and allow the more matured and aged traders.... have a look at what you have and help you along toward profitability....

if you do that, i can almost guarantee that you won't lose all your total initial investment, whatever amount that might be.... K?

good luck and have fun trading. watch out for those salemen and saleladies hiding in profitable trader appearances. also if you like, bring those sale pitches on line here, there are many who could spot who is who right away.... K?

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