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TazaTek Divergence Indicator for NT (www.tazatek.com)


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Don't waste your money on Tazatek multi divergence indicator

There is no free trial and the indicator is next to useless. I foolishly paid for the damned thing at the Indicator Warehouse before I read that marketing nonsense on the Tazatek site about sale of the indicator being suspended so as not to dilute the value for the elite few getting rich from the signals. Give me a ^%$#@&^ break!!!

Depending on the settings (for which there are potentially 1000s and for which no guidance of any sort is provided) you will get either 1 signal a week or 50 useless signals a day.

As they say: caveat emptor!

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I along with Roger Felton would kindly disagree with you. Honestly, I'm not trying to sell anything ...it's just that Felton Trading provides an outstanding divergence trading system that provides entry signals on the many divergences that are simply NOT easily spotted. Lease for $3500 + $300 mo! ...or $7000 total lifetime! Includes trading room access.

My philosophy... Why not let your computer do it for you and use your own discretion from there? Combined with a market analyzer on several instruments and you're golden!

Check out the $95 Divergence MACD indicator from Indicator Warehouse!

As for Tazatek... I'm getting tired of waiting!

No really... I have no affiliation w Felton Trading!

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