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Harmonic Currency Pair Cross Index

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Hi JetTrader,

Thanks for the answer and it is cool seeing you come up with all the new stuff.

I'm currently setting up a backtesting environment in Excel so I can get a better feel on everything. With it I will be able to test say some basic single time frame signals, then adding both a weekly and monthly dominant onto it and see how that changes things. Just basic testing like that can work the same way as viewing raw data or charts for relationships.

And while doing this I will probably get an idea where some of the high accuracy low availability signals reside. Well, at least after having studied the relationships between all the indicators.

I am assuming the most challenging part will be mixed signals especially if I don't have any locbind stuff figured out yet.

In your gen 4 system did you have any basic do not rules that say for example do not trade against a dominant long weekly + monthly trajectory? Though I almost hesitate to ask this because there are so many factors like the ages and say transformations that will switch the dominant to the subordinate side.



I forgot to add: If I find some high accuracy low availability signals, I will look for and test them in custom time frames from 4 hours and up. Could be a nice sideline project.

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