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Anyone know of this service-

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I did a week trial, and never saw him trade live once. Perhaps he does it normally, but I didn't see it.

I think any method of trading can be successful, and as bluemele said, it takes a while to understand the picture you're seeing. I just don't think one needs to pay a few grand to someone to learn. But, to each his own. I think the key is to find something that you can personally identify with, and own it. Take someone else's approach and make it your own, or just do something completely from scratch, but own it. Trying to be just like someone else as a trader is bound to sidetrack us more than it helps.

With all the webinars I have attended I have seen so many systems that seem to work. Some are more elegant than others, and in the end it all depends on the individual. I decided to lean to trade by studying systems that were already proven to work. I was taught methods developed by others, tested by many traders and improved upon by the time I adopted them. Similarly, as a chess player, I have found that if I learn an opening developed by Grandmasters that holds up in word class competition, then I do well with it. If I try to develop a new opening of my own, I struggle against tough players. So I've taken the same approach to trading. College students pay what, 10-40K every year for tuition? As traders we should not balk at a much lesser price of tuition for our education. I don't know any doctors or engineers who figured it out for themselves. Ultimatley we will out earn those college grads and our expenses will be much less than theirs.
I consider the expense of my trading education as start up capital. I can't thik of another business that offers the upside potential equal to trading with such a small up front investment.

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