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My 6E trading strategy

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don't focus on 'secret sauce' there ain't any.

I think we might say Charles has evolved since he started this thread. My feeling and understanding is that the original method as shown in the PDF (the original) is very conservative. This means lots of watching and waiting to take advantage of the few real nice trending phases the 6E offers. A method is not static, it has to evolve just as the trader evolves. The use of JSServices's high value pivots is certainly a positive addition as it may reveal some new opportunites not possible with the original method. I have some reservation regarding kwik pop as i don't see clearly what more it provides. And how would you really quantify it unless you subscribe. All in all, the method works without the use of Jsservices or Kwikpop although if you decide to 'buy' them you might find the secret sauce a bit salted

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