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My 6E trading strategy

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Hello CJ and traders. What an AWESOME webinar, Thx a lot CJ.
Have couple of questions and rather posted them here due to the fact that some of us access your trading room at different hours.
First, about the Hidden divergence on the Stochastic. Still a little difficult to read for me. Is that "Hidden Divergence" the "Hook on the K line?", if not how to read it ?
Second, the momentum indicator. really interesting and powerful. have seen on it's settings that has a lot of things and parameters and calculations involved. For what I saw on the webinars we look in ti for Divergence and strengh. Would you mind elaborating a little bit more on it ?
Third, have you tried the methodology on the Assian Session ? Indeed has less volume than the other sessions but is it worth to try, or too risky.
Thanks and a great week to all.

Hidden divergence is a very powerful tool he uses in his method.Simply put hidden divergence occours when stochastics or anyother trend following indicator ,s movement exceeds price movement.Momentum , he uses as a feel of the price movement. In other words it is a READ if there are more buyers or more sellers active in the market at a particular time.No he does,nt trade Assian session due to lack of follw thru.May be it answers your questions but he would like you to read all his threads on this method before asking qustions.

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