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My 6E trading strategy

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You might Love I hate it

I want to ask you all a question - If you were a new trader finding this thread and you instead of starting at page 1 like you should jump all the way to the end figuring a thread that has over 80K hits must be good so lets just get to the gravy would you stay after reading all this crap you guys are posting and bickering about ?

I truly do want to continue this thread but if you guys are going to continue to use this thread as your personal chat room or express your own trading ideas instead of starting your own thread to do that then any relevant post I put in is going to get lost in all the meanliness, useless chatter that has been on in this thread for way too long.

I have posted a post as well as Big Mike requesting this off topic stuff end, until it does I can't feel that any post I elect to enter will be seen by the traders that need to see it

Enough said - STOP IT