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My 6E trading strategy

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Awesome trade, congrats!!!!!!

It appears to be a diluted Long Trend Reversal?

Why so??

Because, based on Charles textbook rules on the 1508 you don't have a HH swing inside of cloud.
On the 377, it appears the Big triggers are missing from your chart.
On the 377, where you point to the entry, the stochastic is already at 50% level.
On the 377 , the triggers lines you do have, are not Blue at your entry point, nor are they spread apart!

What is my point?
That all systems/method should lend themselves to being adaptable to some changes in order to stay robust.
I guess I just took the liberty of doing that before you did.

In the end, what matters is that you win at this incredabily difficult game!!!!

Once again, Nice trade

That was very valid trade that Bigir posted per the rules. There was a HH in front of the retrace that was held by the MA and the bottom of the cloud