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The end in 25 years. One world currency.

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The end in 25 years. One world currency.

What I heard on Coast-To-Coast AM recently:

The "banking cartel" controls the Federal Reserve. Obama was told by the cartel to appoint Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman , a relative unknown. Most of the debt comes from printing money by the Fed Reserve. All our dollars are "Federal Reserve Notes". They try to offset the debt with taxes, but in reality taxes don't make a dent. The goal according to G. Edward Griffen is to gradually get the world used to regional currencies such as the Euro in 10-15 years. Possible a "NorAmo" currency for the Americas so Americans won't be too fearful and adopt a regional currency. The weapon of distraction is inflation/Fed printing money keeping prices and cost-of-living high and all Americans struggling to survive everyday with both parents working two part-time jobs with no time or energy to be politically aware and think to vote for Ron Paul. Then within 20 years, a one world "fiat" currency not based on anything. So the one world government can print as much as they want for "world projects" such as building new pyramids for maybe a coming AntiChrist with everyone impoverished beforehand and can't buy or sell the one world currency without the embedded chip-mark of the beast-overseeing computers, in their hand or forehead. Forex and futures trading would be gone. Trading markets would be gone.

Just thought to share this in case anyone hadn't heard this. Thanks.

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