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how is eotpro's ncep working

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EOTPRO Open House Sep 7

I noticed this EOT link on NT email (i should unsubscribe), and somewhat distractedly visited their website. The intro was not uninteresting as the talk centered around data feeds and the discrepancies among them. This lead to further discussion of competing with HFT's which comprise "80%" of market volume. Not my statistic and I'm not sure of exactly which market or exchange of which he is speaking. This is interesting though as the CME is employing or will employ new servers to serve HFT and "ultra" HFT community. When EOT began discussing latency and the need for two feeds I began to wonder why NT would even be a consideration for him? They would not even make the minor league let alone come anywhere those traders--this is t-ball in comparison. And they want to scalp "against" HFTs?
The subject is interesting but trying to scalp now is not enticing; short term trading (day-trading) yes, and other vehiciles. From what I've read and come to believe lately, scalpers are unlikely to remain solvent over time, unless you can sustain something like an 80% win rate, in a 1:1 trade scenario.
I do not make a living trading but I took my first trade (handed to me by a friend and a broker) an options trade just before the Shah of Iran was overthrown and lost money (I went fishing, literally), and I am still here.

If interested see Flash Crash presentation:

"The Impact of High Frequency Trading on an Electronic Market,"
By Andrei A. Kirilenko, Albert S. Kyle,
Mehrdad Samadi, and Tu˘gkan Tšuzšu

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