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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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I was a student at Felton trading and was with Roger when he was with expert money trader . When I pulled the trigger and commited to joining up I was working for someone and was dying to leave ASAP . I sat in on the room in the AM session and went to work in the PM . I had a rollercoaster P/L when I went live ( up a grand , down a grand ) after the suggested ( everything was a suggestion ) 30 sim days . I clutched on to the rollercoaster for a month and went bust -$$$$ plenty . Then I quit my job and started a seafood business and focussed on that while still joining the room every day . In other words I was looking for a way to leave " the man " and realized trading wasnt gonna get me there - yet . I left the room and trading and after a year started focussing on trading again ( after building a business of my own that I really enjoy ) .

Looking back now after 3 years I do realize that what I learned there was that joining a room or having a mentor or buying a black box or subscribing to newsletters or listening to cramer because you want to quit your job and tell your boss to screw off IS A BAD REASON TO WANT TO TRADE !

Only after looking back now do I know that Roger did emphasise - look at the big picture , recognize and avoid chop , bigger timeframes give stronger signals and he did want all his students to learn what works for THEM .

But the reality is clear , educators dont make money if they dont get people to sign up and they will use any tactic to achieve that end . And BTW I sit in on his training classes all the time and wouldnt you know I always pick up something interesting and have a few laughs .

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