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Ten-thousand in Education and still not profitable!

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Hope lives!

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I couldnt agree more in respect to "look within" I am living prove...
I have also spent quite an amount on education etc...
I have learnt much and was even making profits quadrupling my account...
HOWEVER I am still not consistent because of ME not my trading system...
I have the psychological problem of moving my stops back when an order goes
against me to prevent me being stopped out...BIG TIME MISTAKE...
and the adverse effect it has of course, you end up loosing more and more to the
extent I have wiped out my account several times...
Trading is not that difficult being discipled IS...!
I keep telling myself being stopped out is part of trading....and yet only
a few days ago I wiped it out yet again...

Although I no longer post on this thread and I don't post on ten thousand in education and finally profitable anymore either, I just happen to scan it and say your heart breaking entry.
I need to tell you that there is indeed hope. I am currently profitable!!!!!
all due to a gentleman on this web site who has a lenghy thread where he GIVES away a profitable system and actually setup a FREE trading room for us to watch him trade this amazing system make money.

Please look up cjbooth.

God bless you and YES, hope lives, his name is cjbooth!!

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