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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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I'll say it again (and again in the future if necessary).

"The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest." -Albert Einstein

You must ask yourself, if YOU could trade and achieve the results that some of these "vendors" are claiming....

Why on Earth would you bother yourself with training/moderating and fee based systems.

A) If you truly could make a 10x profit factor and 90% edge, then there's no amount of fee you could charge that would EVER even come within a light year of the returns you could get just by trading your methods on your own over an entire portfolio.

B) If A holds true, then there's seriously no reason other than straight charity, that a person would bother to operate a trading room.

C) If B holds true, then there's no reason to charge for said room. If you're doing it for "comraderie" and to be "a good guy" and help other traders out, then you wouldn't charge, it would be free.

Even a strategy/method that earns 1% compounded daily yields 12x your money in a trading year with 252 days.

Over the course of 2 years, that grows to a staggering 147 times your money.

For companies advertising (from 2006 to 2010) with returns that dwarf 1%/day, just consider this. A 5 year span earning 1%/trading day would yield 278,567x your money.

That means if you started out with an $10k account, (assuming unlimited growth), after 5 years of 1%/day, you end up with nearly $2.8BN.

And these hacks are claiming 5 and 6 year periods with returns well beyond 1%/trading day.

Sorry if I'm skeptical. Logic and facts speak for themselves. An internet reference is so easy to forge I can't believe I'm wasting the time to address it.

"A dumb man never learns. A smart man learns from his own failure and success. But a wise man learns from the failure and success of others."
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