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My 6E trading strategy

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I got the email too. I would agree with the majority of the points.I'm not even sure "anymeeting"
is totally secure especially when asking for emails confirmations. And a major point was that he didn't want "vendor" members. Who knows, maybe the HFT firms' spies have already ruined his edge by adding the "CJ 6e" algo to their massive array of stop hunting algos. That could be why the setups in the last two weeks have been more sloppy or ruined at the trigger point , i.e. "unbelievable". So maybe another reason he had to shut it down because the longer his edge was exposed to the public, the worse the big money would capitalize on it. Just a theory and he wouldn't be the first to react this way. (see 40yotrader on ET). I know he didn't want to be a vendor, but maybe he should have had some kind of paypal fee structure to pay for the time, expenses, and a webadmin.

Bobby, I did believe people could do this consistently. But most of them are already working for GS or for a prop firm or run their own funds already. (if you look on youtube, there are millionaires working at prop firms making thousands every day. but most don't share their secrets because the "edge" would be ruined obviously) (check out elitetrader for other successful examples: 40yotrader, ksmetana, huggybear, neke, etc.) I had seen instructors before Charles who were making pips consistently and others using other methods (stocks,options). (what about Master Reza?) But Charles was one of the very few I saw who actually shared their method and demonstrated it completely and did not make up a bogus system for "everyone else" like I saw in other trading rooms and many vendors. As Charles said, he had to "kiss a lot of frogs on the way".

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