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My 6E trading strategy

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its about risk reward.. if you have a 12 tick stop and are only going for 5-8 ticks then it will be hard to make money in the long run.. should never be below 1:1..

Hi, I know what your saying makes logical sense, but recently, thanks to seeing Charles trade LIVE, I have seen that what makes logical sense does not ALWAYS work in real life trading situations.

as of TODAY, I have recovered a $2000 loss by NIBBLING 5-8 ticks wins on a max STOPLOSS of 8 ticks!!!

Mr. Charles Booth has SHATTERED many die hard logical beliefs I have held for so long.

With all due respect, it comes down to this:


I think the missing link for all of us (including me) has been that we are approaching the markets as if they were logical instead of realizing that fear and greed; WHAT DRIVES THE MARKETS,HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LOGIC.

It has cost me 10,000 to learn that "should never" does not exist in real, LIVE trading.
I pray to God, it does not cost you nearly as much to learn this very thing!

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