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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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I am just another trader that is trying to make it in this business and have found that PureTick.com methodology works for me and I have spent a great deal of time and energy learning how to trade in this manner.

I admit that the PureTick.com trading rooms are not for everyone because not everyone wants to be a professional full time trader and that is what PureTick.com is all about.

Dave S.

Everybody is free to do what they want, and if someone wants to give several hundred dollars to charlatans like PT, then go right ahead. But to state that PT is "all about" becoming a "professional full time trader" is actually quite offensive. Professional trading has nothing to do with this... And in a year, or possible two, you will probably understand what I mean.

Do a search on ET for PT/Alex and you will see enough embarrassing displays to want to keep you away. His trading techniques are just ripped off the TTM guys', and apparently he has added a bit on his own.

You just got to love these guys: "WIN/LOSS Ratio: 10.3:1 / 89.9% Entry Accuracy 2006-2011"
Yeah, let's all get rich together...

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