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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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paige tx
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my 2 cents

I am still a rookie at this trading ,and have been in the process of learning, I have tried many trials on rooms, and subscribed to a few services.

There are great methods here on futures.io (formerly BMT), like CJ's , that you can learn and many more. Just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's great,thier is so much here that is free,,,,,,,,, but after saying that, I've got to say if you want a trading room, that is opened from bell to bell, and ALL of his educational material, and method of trading,,, comes with the monthly fee, is Davids, Emini addict....
You can get a seven day trial for one cent, and the monthly fee is 29.95 . His room is very educational, he does not call trades,you get a lot of ifs,,,, the market does this,,,etc.... but you can LEARN market structure.. With a minimum amounts of filters.., he is one of the few (besides so many here)that I believe is paying it forward.

2nd is rogers Feltons trading,,,I will going back to that one soon myself,,,most of his trading methods and some webinars and indicators are free right here on futures.io (formerly BMT),and his trading room is free to futures.io (formerly BMT) elites, I guess I would consider him, a momentum type trader, if you know a little you probably can incorporate some stuff to your trading style. I do believe can be helpful.but not much education in room,,,you are on your own thier.

The third is emini junkie, my 400 tick chart, is based on his strategy, I have taken most of the bells and whistles off it, and I play most of the crosses, I consider it a good blue-collar affordable method of trading,mostly you get small chips out of SP......... You have to buy a e-book, that explains his methods, and his room is $69 a month, and it can be confusing because he does trade from the opening bell, and you can get setups with this method both long and short. But I do believe that EJ is 100% sincere,he educates and does call trades,,and does teach more than his method,,,
so saying that don't ever get into a trade that somebody else calls unless it's just confirmation of what you believe.

I put my two cents in, because I spent a lot of money till I found futures.io (formerly BMT), you can learn so much HERE, (and this is a thread that I can contribute to).I hope I can save you lots of money,,,,So remember , try not complicated it to much, the market only does three things. You are the holy Grail. and if you end up in a room use it to LEARN,not for the trade calling.

I do not like advertising for anyone, but I've learned a lot HERE at futures.io (formerly BMT), and I have tried a lot of rooms, and will continue to, on and off, because almost everybody gives a FREE trial now,or almost FREE ,and you can pick something up or maybe start a style you want to develope,and not spend alot of money.

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