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My 6E trading strategy

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another winner


Wanted to post another winning trade- Thank YOU Charles!

As earlier, My personal preference is the MAcDBB's on the 1508 Chart as well as the 377.

Small uptrend trade for 5 ticks. I anticipated it would be a small move because the MACDBB on the 1508 where no where near riding the upper band.

However at around 7:08, they were rounding upward and BBs turned blue. At 7:10 they were touching the midband, and as you can see, the distance between the midband and upper band is very small, so I knew that the move might be small, therefore My stop would have to be pulled up FAST on any hesitation of price.

Also at 7:10, on the 377 chart the BB's turned Blue and preceeeded to cross the upper band.

EXIT- on the 1508, when the BBs reached the upper band, I know resistance can form here, also the spacing on the 377 BBs was getting smaller (momentum weakening) so I YANKED my Stoploss up for a quick $125
Not bad for 2 minutes worth of work.

Nice weekend everyone

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