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My 6E trading strategy

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One of Charles master-piece trades, today

Great trade today, thanks to Mr. Charles Booth

I still have a problem staying in for 21 ticks full profit potential as per Charles's rules.
I added the macbb's to my 1508 chart and ever-so-slightly changed the STDEV to 1.1
just enough on this trade to "discern" something that is helping me stay in the trade longer inspite of the Stochastics on the 377 chart turning up, the Rsqueeze angling back up or even the macdbb's on the 377 moving back in the band and turning blue again.

Once in the trade, I closely watch the BB's on the 1508 chart as they glide with angle and greater separation occuring between the BB's (increased momentum) and as they ride the outside of the band, I am keenly watching until they start getting closer together and finally there is a feather lite touch of the bb to the band. This is indisputable evidence for me to EXIT.

As you can see my bumpy down trade today, all the indicators on the 377 were running me scared to exit early and by the time 9:15 occured, the indicators were YELLING; get out with some profit at 1.4339, as evidenced by drawn arrow under the stochey and and the blue bb on the 377 chart!

However, the macdbb's on the 1508, helped me control the FEAR until the feather lite touch of the bb to the band at 9:21 for an additional 5 -6 ticks.

But overall, I read that as the bands narrow, this may indicate that the momentum is decreasing, so the 377 MacdBB may be enough, I am just looking for any supplemental info that may give an additional edge!

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