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My 6E trading strategy

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general request


I have a request to all traders that would like to ask a question or post a comment on this thread.

Since Mid May 2011 when I first came to (formerly BMT) with this method I spent a lot of time and work to try to present what I have found to be a profitable way to trade the 6E contract. During the thread I have explained my method in much detail, shown chart examples, tweaked a few things a long the way and eplained the change and why, posted videos, answered every question asked, and even started a free trading room so the traders that spent time and did work to learn my method could take their training to a new level by seeing the trades explained on the right edge of the chart instead of seeing them in a hind sight photo posted on the thread.

As the thread has extended much beyond the length that I ever anticipated many post as late have been way off topic of what I am teaching. I am seeing post that send traders to different indicators, I have seen charts using different times frames, I have seen charts that are not the 6E, and I have seen post that is more like a general chat room that have nothing to do with trading

My request to you out of respect for what I have spent the time and work to present is when you post a question or chart for explanation lets keep the post directly centered on my method so new traders just coming in to my thread will learn from the post and not be confused by all the off topic conversation