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Everyone wants some extrinsic agent to make the decisions for them, to remove stress.

If you're paying for a room and you're A) successful and B) Actually learning how to replicate the results so you can eventually do it on your own (in intimate detail), then that's great. It's a good bridge.

My experience with the one trading group I was in, was that the moderator used different charts than me, had different platform and there was no video feed, only skype, and so even though the group was profitable, I felt like if the moderator was runover by a bus tomorrow, took an oathe of silence at a temple, moved to Antarctica,....whatever, I'd be left high and dry.

So I set out to learn and discover on my own.

I think groups and seminars and training are great when you're just starting out, but I also feel that eventually, if there is such a thing as intrinsic reward (job satisfaction, pride, sense of accomplishment, etc) with trading, it's only found when you blaze your own path.

Is it more stressful making your own trading decisions? Surely. Is it more rewarding? Possibly. Is it less "risky" in terms of discovering the group or the leader left, died, was sued and shutdown, etc, tomorrow? I'd say absolutely.

Furthermore, you may discover that the trading room you're using is holding you back from profits you never realized you could attain.

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Hi trendisyourfriend

Iīm not owner of the room and I donīt get a commission and moreover I donīt know the actual room-fee as Iīm lifetime member (as in 2 other rooms).

I informed you about quality. If you use it is on your end.

PS: trendisyourfriend untill the end, and this only 20% of the time, Barry says (great teacher too, other room)


this guy a makes sensible point - What happens if JAM is affected by any of these events tomorrow, you can continue working with the indicator/strategy but there would be any further enhancements to it?
How many people are in the group?

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