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Trading the Jam way

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Big Mike View Post
I'm not sure I like where this is heading.

I recognize JAM is trying to operate within the forum rules for vendors, by giving his service away for free. But this is a very fine line. To come here, promote one free product or service, gather user info, email users to try to get them to buy another product or service which is not free.... it is not in the spirit of the "no self promotion" policy that exists on the forum.

Basically, it is still self promotion. It is in JAM's interest to use the forum to get people to sign up, as he stands a chance to sell them a service. This is called "business" and all business is not EVIL simply because money is involved, naturally. The issue is not Jam's intentions being pure or not to help someone. The issue is simply that this is against (formerly BMT) policy, vendors are not allowed to use posts on the forum to promote their business.

JAM, will you clarify the contents of this educational email, and whether or not you will be accepting any money for any product or service, ever, from any (formerly BMT) member?


Mike, I am offering them a free room to use so they can post charts and discuss trades. Please let me know if this is not acceptable as I have the room ready to go. I will not post the link and will pull the offer if you are not comfortable with the idea.

Mike, you have a great site and I respect what you do, while I do not always agree with some the more tainted views and lack of taking ones own responsibility, I do believe that you are trying to make trading a safer place for your members as am I.


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