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NOTE: NONE of these comments reveal anything proprietary about Trader's International....nor does it guarantee that your experience with TI will be the same as mine.

I am a "lifetime" member of Trader's International (TI). My experience with them was mixed. While I will not characterize TI as a "scam", I do believe it's value was (and still is) oversold in webinars and sales pitches. I joined in late 2009...and sat in the room every day for months before finally giving up and moving on. The TI "setups/signals" in use at the time simply did not work. The TI "pro room" had been shut down and the moderator "relieved of his duties". The FX room was constantly losing money. The TI daily room continued to trade the S&P emini using non-working signals....all the while continually promising "new setups". The often promised "new setups" did not arrive in the room until late 2010.

I found Traders International a mix of Good News /Bad News:
Bad News:
- The fee for joining TI is steep $$$$.
- Despite selling a "Life Time Membership"....TI still charges a monthly fee for continuing access to it's daily room. NOTE: The "LifeTime Membership" does gets you access to the training room..(not regularly updated) and access to the periodic "Question/Answer Training Session" conducted every week.
- The "indicators" that TI still sells (also for an inflated fee) are basic indicators that can mostly be found on the web for much less (free in many cases)....and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what these indicators are or what they do.
- I've been told that TI did pretty well for a number of years prior to 2009....but students who had the misfortune to join much after March 2009 were in for a bumpy ride.
- Recently TI started occasionally using a "secret indicator" to call some of the trades in their room. No education on what it is or how it is used.
- The TI student pages are not updated regularly....some of the old 'discontinued' trade setup training is still out there, and it still confuses some new students who diligently start trying to learn.
- TI is STILL...after all this time...."working on" getting training updated on their webpages for new setups/signals. NOTE: some of the new "setup/signal" training is available.

Good News:
- TI has one room moderator who truly does care about teaching trading...and who (I firmly believe) wants students to learn and be successful at trading.
- TI offers raw beginners a fair amount of hand holding with regard to setting up trading accounts, selecting a broker, and getting your trading platform (NinjaTrader) setup.
- The TI moderator (mentioned above) spends a lot of time providing overall market training....trends/trend lines/ Fibonacci/Volume/Market Delta/Price Action/ etc. You name it and this guy will eventually spend several hours explaining it. While all this information probably confuses some people, and it is way more info than any one person will use in their trading....he does provide a broad range of market related information/training.
- The daily TI "signals/setups" have migrated away from the old Fibnoacci numbered tick charts and very simple basic divergence a combination of minute and range charts. The new calls are based more on Price-Action, and the room trading results (since very late 2010) appear to have become more profitable and reliable.

SUMMARY: I have been in multiple trading rooms. Some offered training and live-trade rooms, while others only offered "follow along live trading" and some offered only "training".
None of them were perfect. Some were downright terrible. Every trading room I was in, had people that love it, and had people that hated it. Everyone learns differently. Some people need more help than others. Some people need more 'emotional support' than others. Some people have no idea at all what day trading Futures is, or what they really have in store for them before they become profitable.
For most folks....I think it is an excellent idea to get training/help and a mentor.
Having said this.... I would not make TI my first suggestion.
While I am sure some folks came away from TI feeling good about their experience....(it is not my place to dispute their personal experience)....I would direct beginning/intermediate trader's elsewhere.
The quality of all trading rooms seems to fluctuate over time, but the better ones manage to maintain a reasonable ongoing standard of performance. If you are motivated, have the time and the resources to learn on your all means go for it. There are lots of trading books, free trading webinars, and free Internet material. If on the other hand you want to shorten your timeline and reduce risk, then find someone to help you.

At this point....if asked....I would suggest taking a look at Roger Felton's Trading room Get the Financial Freedom and Life You Deserve Trading Futures Like a Pro Roger has done several webinars on (formerly BMT). His approach to trading is primarily Price Action based....and Roger tends to use indicators more as "electronic highlighter" to draw attention to price action, rather than as Holy Grail signposts to be followed blindly. Roger has posted many of his indicators on Big Mikes Elite section for free....(although this does not include his trademark code DivPro).

Hope this review helps someone....

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