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Just for the record, I worked with a couple of programmers to build the new PROX Bars which will be featured by (only in a private pre-launch at this of service is not yet officially launched). I helped Kyle a good trader friend of mine from Austin, TX (who owns get these new style of price bars built for his trend following trading.

The PROX Bars are built with color coding that is looking at 4 primary data inputs;

P rice
R esistance (the limit order activity in the order book)
O rder flow (the market order driven order flow)
X Factor (price positioning input)

The overall idea was to ONLY have to look at Price bars, and not several regions of chart information while working trend following intraday/session scalp trades. The simplistic new style of price bars are color coded (one of 5 different colors) to show when all key factors (the 4 data inputs) are in alignment.....this is to see the most optimal trade entry points. If you are working scalp entries in alignment with trend following, then your trade entries should be as all key "at the moment" elements are in perfect alignment. The most linear movements of price take place as strong market order flow hits the order book, and there is minimal resistance to that flow from the limit order action in the book. All of this transaction level analysis is accounted for within the PROX Bars color coding, to include some inputs of price position.

Kyle from recently found out he may have the ability to set these brand new PROX Bars up within a trade platform (while the programming code is actually protected) that will have a DOM. Kyle has been rushing to get the PROX Bars set up and fully accessible to traders who would like to have these new very simplistic price bars on their own charts (while the code stays completely main requirement for his use of the PROX Bars).

I have tracked the Cumulative Delta for over 8 years and decided to help Kyle develop these new price bars for his new endeavor. I liked the concept he had of a very simplistic trend following approach with very easy to follow charting (One region charts with PROX Bars). I have been using these new PROX Bars now in my own trading and have found some excellent set ups for the CL & DAX (two of my favorite instruments). I know Kyle is on the right track here with the newly developed PROX Bars, since several groups have already approached him to buy the whole rights to the PROX Bar system (sorry, not for sale at this time!).

I helped get the new PROX Bars built for Kyle and he fully owns - so if you have any questions please contact him at and don't contact me. My job helping Kyle get the new PROX Bars built is done and the rest of the PROX Bars system/availability going forward is up to him. I am very encouraged by a recent call I had with Kyle, and it looks like some very good PROX Bar charting availability will be out soon (traders having PROX Bars on their own charts).

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