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Boomerang indicator system at

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Note: I hope Mike let's this post remain. I just want to set the record straight... before this gets out of hand.

It is no secret that I own and manage the site that distributes the indicators in this discussion.

The Boomerang Scalping System is more involved than just a couple of moving average lines shown on a chart.

The system's arrow alerts (missing from your screen shot) are based on proprietary settings.

The Boomerang Force Index (also not shown on the chart) is also proprietary. The Force Index identified in other forum postings is a good indicator, but simply NOT the same.

The paint bars are controlled by another proprietary indicator.

Now, can all these settings be "figured out"? Of course! In fact, that's one of the great things about (formerly BMT)'s site... the spirit of discovery.

But, please don't post misinformation. It serves no one.

It's a sad state of affairs when a guy can't even defend himself. Sorry Mike, but I think that the vendors should be able to post replys to stuff like this. What this vendor posted is a fact, regardless of whether it can be duplicated for free or not, Adam speaks the truth regarding the colors, arrows, and alerts. This is ridiculous, I guess you'll ban me too.

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