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Simplicity is best

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I enjoyed your post omaron. Your honesty is refreshing. A few words of advice. Stop looking. Stop testing. Stop experimenting. Stop changing charts every few days. Stop changing indicators and settings looking for the perfect combination. It doesn't exist. Ever notice that indicators will work on one chart at a particular setting but not at other times? So what do we do? Change charts and notice the same thing- it works sometimes but not at other times. So then we start to change the settings until we conclude the indicator doesn't work and then it's on to the next one. Sound familiar? Most of us have been there. Most of us have done it. Trading comes down to one thing and one thing only- making a decision. Oh there'll be someone who wants to argue that indicators are the key to making a decision or that we need them to help us make a decision. Look my friend, until we have a crystal ball, no indicator is going to tell us what orders are going to be traded in the next minute, or the next five minutes or ten or fifteen. The orders that have been traded are done and their impact on the market is over. There is no indicator that is going to tell you what the traders sitting on the sidelines are going to do. Not OFA, not Market Delta or any other bid/ask tool. They tell you what has traded- not what is going to be. To trade you need to know: 1) what side of the market you need to be on (Say what they will, nothing is more effective than a simple moving average- and it's free); 2) timing- when the market does this then I do this. Multiple time frames are required. One to see the big picture and one small. A 3:1 or 4:1 works best for most. I personally like to use stochastics (on both timeframes) and the MACD and wait for them to line up (and they're free). 3) a decision technique. This is what it comes down to- making a decision to enter the market. This is the hardest. There is no magic formula. There is no right or wrong way. It's your money and you have to be willing to live with and to accept the results. Welcome to trading! And 4) you have to know when you're wrong and be willing to let it go and move on to the next. Hope it helps.

You are so right, simplicity is the best, I use succesfully from ShadowTraders offering Emini,Futures Trading,Currency Trading the STO, MACD and 13 EMA, 20 MA in 4:1 MFA for finding a trading opportunity and for exit the trades from OFA Order Flow Analytics the new OFAv5 trade tragger for a great, optimised and automatic exit.

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