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EOT Bills Arrows v4

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What it means for EOT though I am uncertain, only time will tell.

Well, I've been pretty methodical about arranging for a smooth exit, should it come to that. I introduced Quinn to the group several weeks ago, and I'm going to help him take over the programming work for them at no charge.

As great as their service is--it's the best of its kind in my view--, there are plenty of people EOTPro can't help. You know, when someone hands you $233, they expect to be given "the answer." But we all know that screen time and hard work is the only true "answer." So we worked hard to put together an arrow system that lots of people can get comfortable with quickly. It does work for a lot of people, or we wouldn't be able to keep any clients. I'm proud of that.

Still, I would say an even larger number of people need to be able to find their own path, on their own timeline, with minimal expenses. That's how I learned to trade, after all! So, that's the set of people I want to focus on, in my own way. Plus it just feels better to offer open code, since DRM crap essentially presumes every client is a thief that needs to be controlled. I'm done with artificial scarcity!

And I'm definitely looking forward to having more time to practice my own trading and learn new techniques.

Thanks for all the kind words in this thread.

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