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how is eotpro's ncep working

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I realize I'm about a year late answering this, but what the heck... I hate to leave conjecture like this out there:

By and large, those customers were not the ones who hang out in our chat room making small talk all day. Just an observation.

I haven't seen the stuff they use now, so I can't give an opinion on it. I just know that when I knew them they used their own product, successfully, and cared a lot about growing in ways that helped their customers as much as it appealed to them.

I hope this helps.

I appreciated a lot about your response. FWIW, I agree these are the guys to get with, but the comment about lost customers chatting all day, that's so, in every room, no matter what the presentation is or product displayed, wonder why?

Bill is saying that if you're using a $5,000 account and expecting to make money, this isn't the best approach, because it takes money! I appreciate his honest acknowledgement regarding our chosen profession because so many are blow-outs in their accounts, and these tools will challenge a new person to their limits.

Are there any more current comments, because there are over 300 customers that have apparently sworn off all others and adopted his approach. That's refreshing to know that someone else is killing these markets daily...

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