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Here's what I was referring to using S/R- a swing low, tick divergence, and both "time histogram" tools. These trades work best when one can identify a range bound market condition as you may get killed when the market is directional. The only thing this trade set up had against it was on the top left chart you see a thin purple line that's the VWAP so you are trading into S/R in that aspect.

Thanks for sharing your chart, lots of good information & ideas in there. The tick indicator gives very similar signals to the way I use the tick so I'm sure that it works well. I also use it on a 1m chart. I also use it on a 5m chart to catch larger divergence patterns.

For the time histogram.. This is the 3rd time I've looked at it. My conclusion is that it doesn't work very well during the market peak times (9:30 - noon, 2-4pm). It seems to work better during lunch and overnight. I was checking it out and I found a case where it worked and it was between 1&2. Then I went back and looked at your chart and your example is between 1&2. Have you found it to work between say 9:30 - noon?

My problem with volume stop is it gives false signals (like everything else). The key to using indicators is to learn when they give false signals and why. So far I haven't found it reliable enough to work by itself so I'm working on a way to confirm it like you're doing with the time histogram.

Thanks for sharing.

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