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Tzar Analytics - Alexander Tzavaras + Davin Clarke

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Hi tom_c

I’ve also completed the TZAR training course in the last 12 months, and subsequently got to know and work very closely with Davin & Alexander.

Having completed the TZAR course I can appreciate your comments that gaining feedback on emails sent in can be difficult to achieve (although I did received feedback at various times throughout my training, I can see where you’re coming from). I do agree with this, however the implementation of the subscription room actually now provides constant daily access, with ability to ask questions live, send in trades for review live in the room, etc and therefore addresses the prior issues of trying to individually reply to all the emails received. It’s a shame that you mentioned the implementation of the subscription room has put you off the group as this is a fantastic asset that addresses the issues of not being able to get feedback on your trading, & I feel a process where you can ask questions during the review is often more beneficial then getting email feedback on its own anyway.

Given Davin & Alexander trade in excess of 12 hours a day, and consistently have the vast majority of their net worth in the market every day, you can appreciate that they may not be as prompt in giving feedback via individual emails, however in the end I would much prefer to learn, & feel it is a privilege to be able to learn from such professional genuine traders of this calibre, who are highly regarded by their peers, rather than the multitude of over-priced, trading courses available from companies that have extremely good sales and marketing however after completing their courses you realise the information and experience you gained was nowhere near the level you would expect given some of the exorbitant fees charged by other companies.

I can talk personally about this as like many other professional traders, I have completed numerous courses over the years, especially when first starting out, and have experienced numerous organisations that are great sales & marketers, will reply to most emails sent and so on, however in the end you realise they were more about sales and marketing, & taught by some who I believe would not derive the bulk of their income from trading, whereas you only need to listen in to a few of Davin & Alexanders sessions to realise the incredible skill and knowledge they impart on how professionals REALLY trade & analyse the markets.

When you mentioned “it is nowhere near the level of detail and content that was provided by the older program”, the previous Pride Trading program (Protégé course) was about 3 times more expensive, therefore you would naturally expect that it would not be the same level of detail as a program that cost triple the price. If you used the current savings compared to the previous protégé program (Pride Trading) to fund access to the subscription room, you could actually have about 26 months of access before you had spent the same amount as the original Pride Trading course you referred to. This gives you over 2 years of daily access to prep sessions for all major market sessions (Aust/UK/US), updates throughout the day and most importantly, the ability to ask questions to these professional traders live in the room every day. I feel the last point is a key benefit, and addresses the issue you mentioned of not getting feedback on your trades (as now there is the opportunity to get feedback every single trading day), as not only does it help continually reinforce the concepts and see them highlighted and explained in an interactive environment, the benefits of this constant daily contact can’t be underestimated. Traders are also able to send in trades which, depending on numbers, are reviewed live in the room with feedback from the traders.

As I mentioned above having completed the course and working closely with Davin & Alexander, I can certainly appreciate the issue of gaining feedback via email you raised, however with the implementation of the subscription room I feel this is a fantastic avenue to cement your learning, gain regular insights & feedback from a pair of incredibly experienced & highly regarded professional traders.

Hope this helps.

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