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SORRY, I thought everyone knew from the inception of this thread that I have put in 6 years, over 5000 chart hours, weekends replaying the markets on my ninjatrader, sim trading until my fingers trembled. Lost my last girlfriend to trading, I Am on my 2nd 15k account, that has taken me a lifetime to save.

And, I 'm extremely sorry that I have no control over people that talk out of their A_ _ H_ _ _ s !!!!!!!

And yet you are trading the ES like a person who has less than 2 months of experience!? You really have only learned to use CCI divergences with a retail (crappy) entry and an arbitrary stop after all that time? It is no wonder you are losing money. And I'm the one talking out of my nether region? ORLY?

The market doesn't care that you put in hard work or spent X hours on the charts. The market doesn't care what your situation is with your girlfriend. The market certainly is happy to take your money. The only thing that matters in the market is the ability to perform. Either you can trade well (positive expectancy) or you can't. Clearly you've proven to yourself that you can't right? So quit. Or perhaps you haven't worked nearly as hard as you let on. You haven't tracked your statistics. You haven't done your homework. You don't know what you are doing. Or you do and you should quit. Seems pretty straight forward.

Now will you actually do the work required to prove it to yourself that trading is possible/impossible? Or won't you? Asking an anonymous poster on the internet (no matter what their answer) is about as relevant to your trading as praying to a Mayan god for salvation. No one can prove it to you. No one else's results will ever matter. You've proven you can lose money consistently right? That money has to go somewhere right? Now can you turn that around and be the taker rather than the takee?

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