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Hosting for NinjaTrader?

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Does anyone know where I can basically get a Windows box, so that I can host my NinjaTrader there?

That way I never have to worry about my power going out, or internet being down. And maybe there's one close to the exchanges?

I did something l like this for a guy I made an indicator for a while back, but I think he had a sweetheart deal worked out with the hosting company. Like he knew a guy or something? Anyway, I want to be able to log in, like I can login to my computer now, but I'd be logging in to like Windows Server 2003 or something.

Anyone know of a fairly cheap, no more than $200/month place I can get this?

I run a VPS on all my stuff and it works awesome! Saved me a ton of money! There are cheap ones out there for like $50, but honestly you get what you pay for. I pay $150 a month and I am happy to do so. It is a super fast VPS with no lag at all and I run everything off it. It is like my own computer but remotely.

Most of the other services I had that were $50-$125 range lagged by about 1-5 seconds and I couldn't stand it. If you don't mind the lag, then you can go cheaper I guess...just a personal preference. Also check out the performance of the VPS, that will make a difference.

If you want the name of the place I use you can send me a pm and I will email you his contact info.

Hope that helps

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