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I am in recover-mode and I CANNOT BLOW MY LITTLE ACCOUNT
This is a system/method I have had for a long time, a while back I ran approx 200 Sim trades and it was fairly profitable on a consistant basis. Why do I say "fairly"?
Because it is 90% mechanical- but the pattern you are looking for has some judgement to it in order to spot the EXACT pattern. thats why it can not be coded.

However, I'm sure you might agree,... don't mine a little judgement if the setup has a high probability of success!
PLEASE HELP, I don't know how to do a statistical backtest in ninjatrader. If someone would volunteer to do so, they can private message me and I will be glad to send then an exact copy of the system rules.

If it proves-out that the setup is profitable in backtesting, maybe we can ALL benefit from this setup. Also The system calls for an 8 tick SL minimum ( which is something I have had problems with from the beginning) if someone could figure out the optimum inital Stoploss based on ATR, Price Action, etc..

Basically I am inviting the "heavy hitters" on this forum for the knowledge and talent I do not possesses.


If if can't be coded, then it can't be backtested programmatically. But you should be able to backtest it manually. Load up your chart with as much historical data as you need, and start scanning page by page looking for the patterns, and marking them up on the chart as you find them. Of course that will be tedious and time consuming, but it will be a good exercise. It will train your eye to recognize the setups easily, and might also reveal other nuances about the pattern that may be beneficial.

I have not been able to fully code my setups either, so my backtesting is manual, and very simple. Given that I trade with a fix stop and fixed target. All I need to know is number of winners and number of losers, so I scan the charts and markup winners and losers and keeping count. I actually continually do that exercise every day after market for all my favorite instruments for that trading day.

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